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Pure Vape Maui Wowie Cartridges


Pure Vape Sativa Maui Wowie Cartridges

  • Solvent-free
  • 100% organic
  • C0extracted
  • No Glycerin and Glycols
  • 6% THC concentration

What is Pure Vape Maui Wowie Cannabis all about?

Maui Wowie is a landrace strain from the Hawaiian Islands, one that takes you on an astral journey to the place where it originates from, with its sweet, tropical flavors and intense euphoric effect—a creative escape that happens all in your mind.

Pure Vape presents Maui-Waui or Maui Wowie sativa cartridge oil with THC levels constantly going over 75%. Safely extracted through an up-to-the-minute C0process, Pure Vape cartridges contain 100% organic marijuana oil. Each batch of Pure Vape sativa cartridge oil is lab-tested to guarantee the highest standards of consistency and purity.

What experience will I get with Pure Vape Maui Wowie weed cartridges?

The effects are predominantly sativa, with a few indica perks. It delivers a joyful and vigorous high that also boosts creativity. Its mellow and pleasant pain-killing effect relaxes your body. It is a great strain to start the day, or to use in a social setting.

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What will Maui Wowie Cannabis Treat?

The effects of Maui Wowie will allay chronic depression, anxiety, and stress. The Indica component of Maui Waui may act to alleviate chronic pain and aches. This strain may also stimulate appetite in those with loss of appetite and other eating disorders. Some patients, however, use the strain to medicate against chronic migraine


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